Can applying Weedol give you repetitive strain injury?

Don’t worry, I’m not off on health and safety again. I’m not convinced, though, that the giant tub of Weedol I bought and then proceeded to try and treat my triffid collection with, is suited to any of the claims made for it. For one – it delivers the amount of spray roughly akin to that of a cat sneeze – and that after a minute’s furious pumping on the spray trigger. For two – you have to bend double to get the nozzle to the weeds. That’s a stretch when doing a whole patio bristling with thistles and the like. Three – it is so incredibly dull – the whole process. The most exciting bit is ripping off the safety label.

So am thinking, given there is compressed air involved, poison, a pump action trigger and the necessary swagger involved in manhandling the plastic bottle and the spray head – perhaps some suitable musical accompaniment could be added? How about one of the themes from a Spaghetti Western? Oh, ooh, or what about Ghostbusters?

Imagine how much more fulfilling it would be to knock the docks and deck the dandelions when working with something from Pulp Fiction or Kill Bill.

So I’m thinking for the ride-on mower we’ll go for the theme from Apocalypse Now and pricking out, the theme from The Archers – the standard weekly one, not the omnibus ‘woo it’s the weekend’ accordion version.

Weather looks ok for the weekend so wine in the garden with some lovely friends to celebrate her birthday. Think we’ll just go for ‘Happy Birthday to you’ for that one…


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