It’s nearly halloween

Well for me it’s been nearly Halloween for about eight months as one of my loveliest clients is the genius behind a new family Halloween experience which is just brilliant for little kids and people like me who are 100% scaredy cat.

But my husband and I were musing – drifting far away from the sensible – on how an alternative kids’ Halloween might look.

We thought – hmm, well Christmas has a Nativity. Lovely, all that tinsel, angels pulling tongues and donkeys getting caught short on stage. How about a Halloween one.

The Negativity.

Lucifer gets to eat liquorice and have a black tongue to stick out, and the donkey, sporting festive red horns, is positively encouraged to take a dump on the stage – breaking wind a wildly enthusiastically received bonus.

For the kids who are not the obvious choice for Mary – so not the angelic faced slim popular girl with perfect straight long blonde hair and perma-clean socks – the Negativity is an absolute winner. They get to glory in being rumpled, they’re encouraged to embrace their frizz and ignore sagging sock elastic. And they get to be a little bit bad. Just like at home, where they are quite simply, incomparable.


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