Oh Pants – is that another ‘really sick’ handbag?

I’m a little bit fed up with the increasing plethora of ‘down with the kids’ phrases.

We, ladies of a certain age, are expected to navigate around the potential of remarking that someone has a ‘really sick’ handbag, or contemplate whether, now we know what it is, we’re too old (or simply can’t be arsed) to twerk.

Now we don’t want to be left on the ‘shelfie’ (work it out kids) but I’m thinking that banging menopausal biddies can come up with a few tags that rock ourselves.

It’s time for grown-ups to reclaim the English language instead of leaving it adrift at the mercy of feral youth who use ‘like’ as ill-placed punctuation.  Satan only knows what the Oxford English Dictionary is going to do with that one.

Perhaps instead of coming up with ‘street’ words, we can introduce some ‘lawn and patio’ alternatives?

(Shouts)” It’s ok Marjorie, we can shorten it to LP to give it a bit more edge.”  So a bit like RP, but with some va va voom.

Just to get us started I think a little vintage (so popular) should be brought to the fore.  So I, for one, will be championing the use of old favourites such as:



Jolly good etc.

And ‘that’s a rather wonderful handbag, Marjorie’.  However, we do need to get into creation mode here if we want to make a splash.  So how do we reverse our way out of the one-way ‘street’ vocab?  Well how about putting random consonants in (where the kids have made it vowel alley)?  Instead of ‘I’m like Bri-ish, innit’ I’m thinking we could just nominate a really cool consonant and use it at will.  In the manner of a literary assassin?  Please do make your ‘cool street word’ nominations and your suggestions.  Let’s see what we can do to confuse the hell out of the under 25s, they need the practice.


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