On Liqourice

So it was my birthday last week, all very nice.  As we are in the process of buying a property in the Lake District we decided to combine meeting a local builder for a quick once over around the skirtings, that sort of thing, with an onward journey to lunch.

Really looking forward to lunch, I was positively beaming as we tootled up the M6.

As sometimes happens with the pair of us, the need to entertain ourselves while in the car suddenly arose.  Now, neither of us could say for sure who brought up the subject of liquorice, (I don’t like it), but we were where we were.

Randomly, to encourage some sort of liquorice amnesty/positive liqourice appreciation, we began examining some of the potential positives.  As ever, it came down to sex.

Yes.  So, we had to devise ways to introduce liquorice into the bedroom department.  We whittled away at it an came up with this:

A trip down Aniseed Summers is always well worth it

50 Shades of Bertie Bassett is a good read, but not necessarily a good bedtime read (too sticky).

And liquorice flavoured condoms could be the next big thing for your sweetie (and yes….they will make everything liquorice-coloured).

I’ll spare you the jiggery pokery of using liquorice laces for basques, sex swings, whips etc.

All was brought to a pleasing culmination as we approached one of the Lake District’s finest hostelries, the fabulous Drunken Duck at Barngates.

I turned to my husband and shrugged:  “Well, it takes all sorts.”


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