Barnstorming new year

Our beautiful barn, designed and built from scratch by my husband, is almost finished. Today he decorated the gable ends with some branches from the pines we planted almost ten years ago, to bring a festive touch to the stable yard.

‘Our bit’ of the barn is the gorgeous new TMC tack room. Now with heated tiled floor, panelled walls, kitchen with fridge-freezer, sink, microwave and breakfast bar, bathroom with loo, shower and basin (the ‘human’ shower can be switched to feed a horse shower outside), and the tack room proper, with all of the racks and storage. The other bit of the barn will store grass cutting equipment and various vehicles.

The push to finish for Christmas has seen me as the most inadequate of plumber’s mates, late into the evening, handing over wrenches, spanners and holding the other end of a variety of pipes while being shouted at through small holes just above skirting board height. It is undoubtedly the nicest tack room I’ve ever been in, and a terrific achievement by himself.

So to my husband, thank you for an astonishing Christmas present, for the dedication, bloody-mindedness, enthusiasm and energy, the skill and the attention to aesthetics.

The exterior of the barn.
The exterior of the barn.


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