Today I’m going to talk about wee, and no, it’s not funny.

As a woman of a certain age I would never, ever take HRT. Why? Because the drug is made by harvesting urine from mares kept confined their whole lives in stalls that are effectively cages, wearing more than just ‘a nappy’, and kept permanently pregnant. Don’t even ask what happens to the embryos they carry, the foetuses certainly don’t have any kind of future.

I have just signed another petition, yet again, against this awful practice. It bothers me that women don’t know exactly how the drug is made. It bothers me that, if they did, some of them would think again, but can’t make the decision because they’re not informed. That bothers me more actually that those who do know, but continue to chow down on the pills and ignore it. There are some who’ll just never give a rat’s ass.

There are lots of reasons people justify hideous treatment to animals. Does this have to be another one of those?

We mostly stopped wearing fur, it’s creeping back. What’s next, shoes soled in ivory with puppy leather uppers and rhino horn buckles?

Yes getting older, madder, hotter, is a chore, but I’ll be just getting on with it thanks. If anyone else wants to join me, the girls locked in the sheds would say thank you to you, if they could.


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