The s-perm is all the rage for ladiesofacertainage


Americans, enough really.

We liked ‘Something About Mary’ – a lot. The whole Ben Stiller pre date nerves thing and THAT hair gel moment. But.

Well I think herbs is spelt with an h, so say it. I think they need to sort their fannies from their bums and their trousers from their pants. I think most have great teeth, some have narrow minds. I liked it when Borat made them uncomfortable – but I felt their pain.

I even don’t mind that all American movie phone numbers start ‘555’. I can suspend belief.

What bothers me – a lot – is cruising about on the internet, shopping for a new hairstyle for ladiesofacertainage when this popped up. Not only is it hideous, clearly a wig, and not something any right thinking woman of these shores would contemplate, it has that helpful suggestion for perking up the style. Or is it twerking. Actually I think we both know what it is – and I’ll not be going there – not without one of those old lady shower hoods anyway.


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