Chute of Shame

sniper close

How can you tell the difference between a Labrador that’s just done A VERY BAD THING and the construction industry? Answer – the Labrador DOES give a shit about what it’s done and will want to make amends. Whereas the construction industry – the darker elements of it – knows full well what it’s doing – and the consequences – before it does it…. but does it anyway.

Wouldn’t you think by now that the blingy bully builders had learned their lesson – their health and safety lesson that is? Apparently not.

Himself is an experienced and conscientious site manager. Under his remit he covers all kinds of things beyond ‘Here’s the plan, get it built by Thursday.’

Health and Safety, welfare and the like are an important part. Who, out of any of us, would want to see a colleague or passer-by hurt or worse? And if it came to the difference between keeping people working safely or saving a bit of money, which would you choose?

Well the BBBs choose money. The job Mr F walked off this week was one such. The biggest worry was the disposal of huge chunks of debris, heavy rubble and more. Normally this would require a professional company to come in and set up a purpose-built chute to contain rubble and dust and avoid work people having to carry it down stairs by hand. But of course it’s cheaper to just ‘knock up a (blindingly inadequate) chute’ yourself.

So the H&S flag is raised. ‘Guys, it’s not safe, here’s a plan as to how we can move things forward…’ So not just a problem, but a problem complete with solution. Their answer? ‘Put up or shut up, we’ve a target to hit, and if you’re that bothered about it, why don’t you just jump on the tools with the lads instead.’

Now I’m no expert, but I’m thinking that’s perhaps not the industry gold standard. So my lovely husband pocketed his solution, his professional integrity and left them to it. As he shared with me – he couldn’t stay because if he had 1. he could well be in court if something went wrong and 2. if he stayed, he’d be as bad as them. To our lasting delight the knocked up chute disintegrated as he was packing up his stuff.


One thought on “Chute of Shame

  1. Good for you JF, stand up don’t shut up – we`ve all met them at least once, but in the end no one wants to works with them again.


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