Launching – Grip Advisor – Ladiesofacertainage suggests internet dating ratings

twit advisor

God Bless Trip Advisor. Now we know where to holiday – and where to avoid like the plague. So, as a former inhabitant of the wilderness that is internet dating I’m proposing that we examine a tweak or two on that web institution that could help the sisters and brothers still in that got-nobody-ghetto.

There appear to be ‘rate your date’ sites about the place, but they don’t appear to be linked to a particular dating site. And you could see how the dating sites themselves might be a bit reticent about that development. However, imagine the Grip Advisor world where:

– You can read others’ experiences with the person you’re considering dating.
– Or maybe you can (in private) just read the experience of the people who’ve dated you and learn from it.

The caveat would be that they also have to set out whether they’re a ‘like’ or a ‘don’t like’ for your particular kind of Marmite – so no hard feelings.

I’m familiar with friends who ask, ‘what’s wrong with me?’ after another failed date, and of course if there’s something ‘wrong’ with you for one person, it may be the something right for another – so there’s no right answer apart from ‘there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you, you delightful creature.’

Think about it. Some people like to be dominated, others to dominate, some boats are floated by curves, some by linear boyish lines, some by muscles, some by IQ, some by bald, some by hirsute. You’ll be wrong for many, you’ll be right for many, the trick is to find more of the many you’re right for. So Grip Advisor would really help. But of course with it comes the responsibility to tread with care. What I did find though, after a stint of ploughing through and filling out profiles as any single person may have done since the technology arrived, was that it would have saved a lot of time if I’d just put ‘bubbly with big tits.’

cushion the blow


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