Romains original spitfire_gin

Women used to fly Spitfires.  Oh yeah.  They flew them around Britain’s air bases to make sure planes were where they should be for various sorties.  They flew them unarmed and unescorted.  If they encountered enemy aircraft, they simply had to outfly them.  And they did.

These young ladies carried a snifter of gin as part of their kit.  They applied their courage like lipstick, got in and flew.  Those women, the 80th anniversary of The Spitfire, and a quest for an authentic 1930s botanical gin came together in Spitfire Heritage Gin launched in May this year.  Made by world champion gin maker, John Walters, with an aviation pin up on the label from world number one aviation chick artist, Frenchman Romain Hugault, what’s not to love.

I mention all of this because it’s a great gin, it’s a great brand (and I’m one of the owners).  Other gins are available (!)  Available nationally through Wine Rack and from

Posted with no apologies for gin-bombing the blog. x



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