Squid and Cake. All food groups covered – why’s he moaning?


My husband is the poster boy for ‘frugal’ – but fortunately better looking than Gordon Brown (who?)

So when I produced a delicious, though unlikely, meal of squid (seasoned and lightly battered, but with nothing else) followed by a piece of homemade apple and almond cake (from a batch in the freezer) it was received with the usual gusto and compliments.  Apart, of course, from asking: ‘is this it?’ on the squid front.

I challenged the comment.  ‘I’m being frugal, and I haven’t been shopping.’  All true.  Was being lazy too if truth be known.  He raised an eyebrow.

‘Look you’re just fortunate I didn’t make squid cake,’ was the crisp rejoinder.  Hmmm.

Now I’m thinking…


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