My letter to BT’s head bandit Gavin Patterson, CEO: Stop dancing round the pole and get the bloody thing fixed

13 1 2017

Gavin Patterson

CEO BT Group plc BT Centre 81 Newgate Street London EC1A 7AJ

Notice of intent: Legal Action & media initiative


BT job number VOL013173774938400 | Police incident number 0682251216

Phone number 0151 526 2130


Dear Mr Patterson,


I would advise you to have someone investigate this. My media & communications business has now been without a telephone connection since the evening of December 25th when a traffic accident knocked down a telegraph pole, bringing with it the telephone line. I am losing time and money.


What makes this doubly concerning – and is something you may actually want to look at – is that your BT account handlers lied to us. It is galling enough to be told the pole will be restored – variously by Dec 30th, Jan 11th and now Jan 18th – but lying is no way to handle customer relations. Here are those lies:


  1. We were told that BT requires planning permission (from the council, obviously) to reinstate a telegraph pole.       We both know that is nonsense. However, in the spirit of nailing the lie, yes we checked with the council, yes they confirmed it was, indeed, nonsense.
  2. We were told by your call centre that the telegraph pole would be fixed by Dec 30th the first time around.       The job wasn’t logged with Openreach until January 4th.


Interestingly we were also informed that loss of broadband would be an issue for our broadband supplier, not for BT. How does that work then, alternative pixie dust rival to BT’s monopoly copper-to-the-home and FTTC?


So, we are now taking legal action to recover costs, lost business and damages in the hope that this will encourage your engineers to site a new pole. Otherwise, we are unhappy to undertake this work ourselves, supply and fit the pole, for your engineers to work to. We will, of course, be inviting national TV to join us should that be the case and billing you for the work. A response would be a bonus.





Mrs Denise France


4 thoughts on “My letter to BT’s head bandit Gavin Patterson, CEO: Stop dancing round the pole and get the bloody thing fixed

  1. Sorry you beat me to it!! Lol xx

    Sally Neary
    Acumen Communications
    01704 834772
    07703 546063
    LinkedIn: Sally Neary
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  2. BT have the worst customer service only second to Microsoft. These monopoly organisations need to be brought in front of the public select committee to answer for their lack of care and then their status downgraded. I hate them but have to use them, how is that ok in this day and age. Good luck with the battle, I’m sure millions will be behind you.


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